01245 602928 (9am-5pm)

Here at the Sugar & Spice Cake Company, I pride myself on making the most gorgeous, bespoke wedding cakes.

I offer a professional & high quality, but also friendly & approachable service. Each cake is individually designed & handcrafted just for you to incorporate your personality, wedding colours, theme & even your dress.

My wedding cakes are available in a variety of flavours and sizes. For information, as well as a price guide , please see 'Information'.

I have also trained in Floristry so can skillfully add fresh flowers to any cake design,and will happily work with your florist to coordinate set up times on the morning of your wedding.

If you are looking for something a little different or less formal,  Buttercream Cakes are a great, comtemporary alternative to traditional icing covered cakes.

The Sugar & Spice Cake Company, Chelmsford, Essex 01245 602928

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Lace, Pearls & Roses Lace, Pearls & Roses Lace, Pearls & Roses
Naked Cake Naked Cake Naked Cake
english_woodland_b english_woodland_a english_woodland_c
peach_mini_a peach_mini_b peach_mini_c
purple_ombre_b purple_ombre_a purple_ombre_c
sage_flowers_b sage_flowers_a sage_flowers_c
alice_wonderland_c alice_wonderland_a alice_wonderland_b
gold_b gold_d gold_a
white_daisies_c white_daisies_a white_daisies_b
winter_greys_c winter_greys_a winter_greys_b
light_dark_a light_dark_b light_dark_c
flying_birds_b flying_birds_a flying_birds_c
buttercream_peony_a buttercream_peony_b buttercream_peony_c
ruffles_brooch_a ruffles_brooch_b ruffles_brooch_c
top_table_a top_table_b top_table_c
blush_b blush_c blush_a
love_b love_a love_c
vintage_ny_b vintage_ny_a vintage_ny_c
bauble_b bauble_a bauble_c
tumbling_blossoms_a tumbling_blossoms_b tumbling_blossoms_c
pearls_c pearls_b pearls_a
deco_lace_a deco_lace_b deco_lace_c
blue_b blue_c blue_a
woodland_wedding_c woodland_wedding_a woodland_wedding_b
black_swirl_a black_swirl_cake_pop black_swirl_b
damask_sheen_b damask_sheen_a damask_sheen_c
navy_peony_a navy_peony_b navy_peony_c
winter_wedding_b winter_wedding_a winter_wedding_c
gilded_a gilded_b gilded_c
hint_pink_b hint_pink_a hint_pink_c
garden_rose_pearl_lace_a garnde_rose_pearl_lace_b garden_rose_pearl_lace_c
red_white_rose_b red_white_rose_a red_white_rose_c
grey_ombre_polka_dot_a grey_ombre_polka_dot_c grey_ombre_polka_dot_b
calla_lilies_b calla_lilies_c calla_lilies_a
orange-roses_c orange_roses_b orange_roses_a
winter_cake_table_a winter_cake_table_b winter_cake_table_c
blue_ruffles_a blue_ruffles_c blue_ruffles_b
purple_cascade_c purple_cascade_a purple_cascade_b
jade_cake_table_c jade_cake_table_a jade_cake_table_b
black_red_vegas_a black_red_vegas_c black_red_vegas_b
blossoms_roses_c blossoms_roses_b blossoms_roses_a
roses_pearls_lace_a roses_pearls_lace_b roses_pearls_lace_c
vintage_tea_party_a vintage_tea_party_b vintage_tea_party_c
gatsby_a gatsby_b gatsby_c
buttercream_fresh_flowers_a buttercream_fresh_flowers_c buttercream_fresh_flowers_b
summer_brights_b summer_brights_a summer_brights_c
ruffles_cupcakes_a ruffles_cupcakes_b ruffles_cupcakes_c
vintage_cake_table_c vintage_cake_table_a vintage_cake_table_b
burgundy_anemone_c burgundy_anemone_b burgundy_anemone_a
metalic_ruffles_c metalic_ruffles_b metalic_ruffles_a
itmustbelove itmustbelove3 itmustbelove2
Lace, Pearls & Roses
Lace, Pearls & Roses
Lace, Pearls & Roses
Naked Cake
Naked Cake
Naked Cake
English Woodland
English Woodland
English Woodland
Vintage Peach with Mini Cakes
Vintage Peach with Mini Cakes
Vintage Peach with Mini Cakes
Ombre Roses
Ombre Roses
Ombre Roses
Cascading Corsages
Cascading Corsages
Cascading Corsages
Alice in Wonderland
Alice in Wonderland
Alice in Wonderland